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Business Quote
Students are obviously intelligent and generally keen to impress. Arjo try to utilise these skills by placing the student in a 'real' job with genuine responsibility. So far, this policy has been handsomely rewared, as the contribution to Arjo has been immense.

Richard Alcock,
Global Procurement
Strategy Manager
Arjo Ltd.
Student Quote
The placement staff were extremely helpful and friendly. They were honest about the quality of my CV. They kept in contact and were easy to contact when needed. Charlene Vockins Student

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The Gloucestershire enjoys a growing reputation for its contribution to the Business Communities. It offers a wide range of provision at undergraduate/post-graduate/post-experience and professional levels in all the key business, management and IT disciplines. The schoold emphasises the synergy between knowledge, application, theory and practice.
Within GBS students studying on the undergraduate programmes have the opportunity to undertake an extended period of work as part of their course. Usually they complete two years of study, then their year of work before returning for their final year. This is an integral and assessed part of students studies and is vital in their academic and personal development. Our students are highly committed and keen to succeed during their placement year. Me Love Nicola!!!
Benefits to Employers
We believe that placement students can provide significant and wide-ranging benefits to businesses and their staff in the following ways:productive work at a reasonable cost, the opportunity to assess the student as a possible emplyee and for the industry to demonstrate its career potential, the resource to carry out work-based research projects and the potential supervisory experience for the employer's own staff.
As the placement is an integral part of their course, students will be required to complete specific assessment tasks whilst on placement. Although we rely on the support of the company, the completion of this assessment work is ultimately the responsibility of the student.
The Next Step
Some employers recruit in November/December for the following Summer, but most recruit between January and April. To recruit a student all we need from you is a job description and some information about your company such as a recent annual report or corporate publicity information.
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